Shark Waters!!!!!!!!

Today a director called Rob Stewart came to my school. He was the director of Shark Waters (a movie). He came to our school and we watched it. I thought it was really cool and you should watch it. It is about people killing sharks for shark fin soup or a part of the shark’s body, then they throw it away. I think that doing that to the sharks is really bad. I am really happy because we were the first people to see the movie in Hong Kong. I think this is a really cool movie but at some places it is sad. I think this movie changed my perspective about sharks. Before I saw sharks as a threat to people but now I find them as kind creatures. I think the reason why they are aggressive  is because we did something to make them harm us. I think that instead of killing them for food we should help them and save them because they help us in many ways to.I hope that you also change your perspective about sharks. Plus I think that you should watch the movie too. I think that sharks are one of my favorite animals now.sharkwater_ver2

My favorite UOI ( unit of inquiry)

It’s almost the end of the school year and I am excited. So in the whole time in grade 5 I will say that I liked the where we are in place and time unit the most because I really like learning about history and all it’s cool facts. It’s like you went back time to learn about it.I like writing myths and making it into a digital story.  I wish that I could learn more about it in the future. I thoughtit was a cool unit and I liked it a lot. I really like this unit but I still like all the other units. I hope you learn about this unit in the future.

Challenge no.#10

In this challenge we have to write about how many posts we wrote and lots of other stuff.

I wrote 45 posts and 51 comments. The comments I got the most from was the personality test.

About 3 or 4 posts are my own interest and the rest are school related. My favorite post is about camp because it was fun.

I hardly changed my theme because I really liked it. I have about 5 to 6 widgets and that is enough.

Gr. 5 Camp!!!!!!

On Wednesday to Friday we had camp!!!!!!!!! Camp was really fun.The company we went to was called Dragonfly and it was awsome.  We went to Cheng Chau island and we did some cool stuff like cycling,rock climbing, Tie-dye, made gorp and lots of other stuff. We also went into a pirate cave it was dark and exciting. I really liked it. My favorite was cycling and my least favorite was the rock climbing.

Cyber Bullying

Have you ever been on the receiving end of bullying? How did it feel?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Yes I have and it made me feel really sad because I don’t like that. The girl who kept on bullying me started getting even worse. Then one day I got really mad and stood up to her. So she did not bother me anymore. So if someone bullies you you have to stand up to them.

Personality Test

Today we did a personality test about ourselves. I think It was kind of fun. I thought I was a Naturalist and I was!!!!! I thought my 2nd one was verbal something but it was interpersonal Then I Thought my 3rd one was visual/ spatial but instead it was musical which I think it is cool.